Aunty Clothing

  • Accessories
    Sometimes Aunty feels like experimenting and comes up with a bag or a hat......or something. Watch this space.
  • Clothing
    Aunty clothing has an element of surprise. Expect something out of the ordinary and wear if you dare. The pictures in this section are only samples of our styles that are available. These styles are made to order using the fabrics available at the time of ordering. As these will be made especially for you please allow 3-4 weeks for making and delivery. Once your order is placed we will begin a discussion on fabrics.
  • One off's
    Aunty never makes many of one thing. In fact a lot of the Aunty range are one offs, we never want you to meet another one. They are unique just like you. The garment in the photo is the exact on that will be sent to you so please allow 1 week for delivery.